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Some of our vehicles just can’t help but draw a little more attention. These are our Featured Vehicles. Every couple of weeks we refresh our listings with a few great deals that we feel deserve a little more attention than the rest. But don’t linger too long if you see something you like—someone else might be eyeing your prize!

Automotion Motors

Our business is getting you an affordable auto loan regardless of your credit history. Our team has combined experience of over 20 years and we have mastered the art of getting everyone approved. We emphasize on your history then your credit score. We understand good people get in to bad credit situation, we are here to get you an auto loan that tailored to your credit situation and help re-build your credit.

Even if you had been rejected at other places, we can get you approved with our partner financing. If you are in need of an auto loan? Need to rebuild your credit? Looking for a low interest auto loan? Looking to re-finance? Trade in your used vehicle with attractive finance option.

Automotion Motors

7225 Dallas Dr,
Kamloops, BC
V2C 4S9

Sales:(250) 573 0064


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