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Employee pricing is on now. We are clearing out every RV and vehicle on our lot right now. We are making a major purchase and so we are selling off everything. Get in here today. You wont believe the savings!

Our job is to gather all the information required to get you the RV or the vehicle and financing you deserve, and then we go to work for you, Instead of you driving all over town or making dozens of calls. You can relax while we do the work, so your time is well spent. We are committed to finding the right deal for you.

As an RV Dealership we stock many of the RV Parts and RV Accessories that you’re looking for. If you cannot find the part you are looking for please call to tell us which part you need and we can order it for you. If you need an RV Part or RV Accessory installed, our trained and helpful Service Department is right here to help you install that new part or accessory. We can get your RV back on the road again quickly and easily with the help of our RV Parts and RV Service staff.
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Clearance RVs and Vehicles

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Updated: Tue, 14 May 2013 10:50:44 GMT | By CBC News, cbc.ca

People looking to sell unwanted goods frequently turn to online classified sites. On Canada's self-proclaimed most popular classifieds site, Kijiji, users post new ads every .7 seconds.

Last week, an Ancaster, Ont., man disappeared after taking two men for a test drive in a vehicle he was trying to sell online. On Tuesday, police announced they had found Tim Bosma's burned remains.

- Ontario man disappears after test drive

The case raises concerns about how to stay safe when online transactions must include real-life meetings.

"When you're buying something, selling something, connecting through an e-commerce site, you need to recognize that not communicating with strangers doesn't work," one of the world's experts on digital safety, Parry Aftab, told CBC News.

Though communication is necessary, both buyers and sellers must remember they are dealing with strangers and take precautions for their safety. "It goes both ways," said Aftab. "You are equally at risk."

Milwaukee police have started encouraging sellers to arrange to meet potential buyers at the local police station following a string of robberies, reports the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Sellers and buyers have been both victims and perpetrators in these so-called crimes by appointment.

Joe Couto, the director of government relations and communications for the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, called doing business on the internet the "Wild West." He said the Milwaukee police initiative is "a good idea," but there is no Ontario police service doing something similar.

People should take precautions when selling things online, from the time they create an ad to the final step of accepting payment:

Creating an online advertisement

- Limit the amount of personal information in the ad. Any information posted can be used by others for ulterior motives, according to internet safety site iLookBothWays. Reverse phone number and address directories can provide a wealth of information about the seller.

- Think carefully about whether you should provide a telephone number. There are pros and cons to posting a phone number, said Toronto police Const. Tony Vella, adding he would post his phone number, but not his home address. "You can have a better feel for [a potential buyer] by speaking to the person," he said.

- Stage photos to obscure identifying information. People taking photos of cars for sale in their driveway often unknowingly give away key information such as the house number and licence plate number, points out safety site iLookBothWays.

Communicating with prospective buyers

- Get the buyer's information. If a prospective buyer calls, take down "as much information as you can and that person is willing to give," said Vella, such as: first and last name, contact number, home address and driver's licence number. Tell the buyer you will need a copy of their driver's licence before allowing them to test drive your car.

- Conduct an internet search. "Google it," he said. Before you meet the person, search to see if anything suspicious pops up.

- Arrange a meeting. Agree on a time during reasonable business hours either at home or in a public area, if the item for sale can be moved. For example, a car sale can take place in a public parking lot rather than a home driveway, said Aftab.

Before the meeting

- Keep others in the loop. Let a friend or family member know the details of the meeting, and — if possible — arrange for someone to come with you or be present at home, depending on where the meeting is taking place.

- Try not to let buyers inside your home. If the item for sale is inside the house, move it outside to avoid letting strangers in. If it's a heavy piece that cannot be moved, like a piano, in a closed-off area of the home, such as a basement, Aftab recommends having a second person stay upstairs while the seller and buyer examine the item.

During the meeting

- Take photos. When the potential buyer arrives, snap photos of the person, their licence plate and their car, said Aftab. Then, text message those photos to a friend or family member who knows about the meeting.

- Acquire ID. Ask the person to provide you with a copy of their ID, such as a driver's licence. The ID will not only give police a starting point if something goes wrong, but also "it's a bit of a deterrent for people," said Vella. Someone will be less likely to attempt to steal from you if you can provide police with a positive identification.

- Keep a cellphone turned on and within reach.

- Know your route. If you are taking someone out for a test drive, used car sale site Auto Trader suggests making sure a friend or family member not in the car know the planned route, estimated return time and your cellphone number.

- Keep buyers in sight. If a buyer arrives with an entourage, do not let the people separate, advises safety site iLookBothWays. Scam artists like to split up, with one engaging the seller with questions and the other asking to use the washroom. Once inside the house, the person can perpetrate a theft.

Handling payment

- Visit a bank. If you are accepting cash, do so in your bank so you can deposit the money right away. If you take a cheque, verify it with the bank that issued the cheque, not your bank.

- Wait to transfer ownership. Before transferring vehicle ownership to a buyer, make sure you have received the full agreed-upon payment, warns Auto Trader.

While these precautions are great starting points, Vella stressed the importance of trusting one's instincts.

"If you have an inkling there's something wrong, just stop and contact your local police services," he said, adding it is "not at all" a bother to police who are happy to offer some friendly advice over the phone.

With files from Greg Layson 

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Ants:  these little pests can make life miserable.  To prevent them, spread a little borax or Comet with bleach around tires, jacks, water line, anything that enters your camper.  This works great if you are camping for one or two days.  Another great tip is to spread petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or some sort of lubricating grease on about the last two inches of the water line and power cord (easily wiped off with a paper towel).  Ants just can't navigate over this sticky substance.  Camping for several days???  Spread cornmeal around areas that show ant activity.  Another idea - Terro is a commerical product available at Walmart or other similar stores.

Squirrels:  They just love those LP hoses.   What they don't like is cayenne pepper or Tabasco.  Not sure how long Tabasco works, but worth a try.  Also heard the folowing are effective:  Use double sided tape around the hoses and sprinkle cayenne pepper over the tape; buy stainless steel spring hose protectors (available at some auto part dealers or online); ultrasonic pest controllers that deter mice and squirrels.  Warning:  don't put poison out as that can be lethal to household pets as well as the squirrels.

Mice:  What man doesn't love a woman screaming at the sight of a mouse????  Best deterrent is to keep all food covered and make sure there are no tiny holes in the camper that allow mice to squeeze through.  Best way to check is wait for dark, then light up the interior of the trailer, opening cabinet doors then go underneath the trailer and look for slivers of light.  Go back to the source and fill with steel wool and expanding sealant (don't overdo). OR, do the opposite and light up underneath the camper, go inside the dark camper and open cabinet doors and look for those slivers of light.  Again, fill with steel wool and expanding sealant.  Ultrasonic pest controllers do a pretty good job.  In some cases, putting dryer sheets into all the recesses of the camper can deter mice and leave the camper smelling nice.  Moth balls in a plastic bag with holes poked through work great, but I find a single way to get rid of that stinky moth ball smell except time - lots of time. We also have a product called Mouse Free that will prevent the entry of mice,ants and other unwanted critters. It is no drip, no mess, and non-toxic and will work in motorhomes, tent trailers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. Call Automotion at 1-250-573-2475 and ask for pricing for the do it yourself kit or have us do it for you.

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The Camping Source Cooking Tips

Creating campsite meals and treats is fun for the whole family.There are as many ways to enjoy food and fun in the great outdoors as there are wonderful things to do and see. The Camping Source shares pre-trip ideas, cooking methods, and handy tips to make your The Camping Source campsite cooking an open-air taste sensation.

  • Measure dry goods for each meal, pack in zip-loc bags, and label.
  • Chop vegetables (onions, peppers, carrots, etc.) and pack in zip-locs.
  • Prepare snacks (veggie sticks, trail mix, energy bars, etc.) and pack in zip-locs.
  • Resealable boxes of broth (beef, chicken) store well and come in very handy.
  • Pre-cook noodles, rice, etc. for quick reheating at the campsite.
  • Block ice lasts longer in your cooler than cubes.

Here’s a handy checklist of The Camping Source supplies to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

___ heavy duty aluminum foil
___ zip-loc freezer bags in several sizes
___ disposable plates/bowls/hot-cold cups/flatware
___ coffee/cocoa/tea cups
___ salt/pepper/sugar/dry spices
___ powdered milk/can of evaporated milk
___ coffee/filters/cocoa mix/tea bags
___ paper towels
___ trash bags
___ can/bottle opener/corkscrew
___ plastic flexible cutting board
___ metal cooking utensils – tongs/spatula/grill forks/serving spoons/hot dog-marshmallow sticks/knife
___ metal measuring cups/spoons
___ serving bowl(s)
___ plastic tablecloth/table cloth clips or weights
___ leftover food storage containers
___ pot-pan with lid/skillet
___ foil cooking tins
___ non stick cooking spray or spray bottle filled with oil
___ oven mitts/pot holders
___ dish pan/bio-degradable dish soap/dish towels/sponge-scrubby
___ strike anywhere matches
___ butane stick lighter
___ firestarters
And don’t forget the:
___ BBQ grill/smoker
___ propane/charcoal
___ firewood (in case none is available)
___ grill top for campfire ring
___ dutch oven
___ crockpot (use only if camping in a “wild animal safe” area)
___ propane stove

Now You’re CookingYou’re prepared and ready to cook!! There are several methods of campsite cooking to choose from – try one or try several. The Camping Source recipe page offers great ideas using these methods. Some camper favorites include:

  • Foil pouches are neat treats and time savers, too. They are the perfect method or cooking with a campfire. On a large piece of heavy duty foil place your seasoned meat, veggie pieces (sliced, julienned, etc.), diced potatoes, and a pat of butter or oil. Add an ice cube or two, fold and seal all edges tightly, and place on the grill. The pouch contents retain their moisture and flavor. Serve pouch on plate and watch their eyes light up.
  • Dutch Oven – a dutch oven is a deep cast iron or aluminum pot with a tight fitting lid that doesn’t allow steam to escape – thus delivering a moist and flavorful dish.
  • Crockpots offer set and forget, one pot style GoCamping campsite cooking. Simply assemble your recipe ingredients in the crockpot in the morning and go enjoy the day. When you return home you’ll be greeted by mouthwatering smells and a ready to go supper.Before using the crockpot method outdoors, be sure to check with your camp hosts about hungry wild animals in the area. If it’s bear or other critter country crockpotting is not for this trip!!
  • Feeling adventurous?? Try an old scouting standby – the box oven. It’s said to work well and turns mealtime into an educational science project.

Tips and TricksSo now you’re an expert. Take along these general Camping Source tips:

  • Clean your grill by rubbing it with a fist size ball of aluminum foil.
  • All items in your cooler should be contained in watertight zip-loc bags.
  • Cover cooking pots – the contents will heat quicker and the lids will keep foreign objects out.
  • Use frozen slices of bread when preparing a “brown bag” lunch – when you’re ready to eat, the bread is defrosted and fresh.
  • Clean out your fridge or cooler by making omelets the last morning of your trip using all leftover meats and veggies.
  • Keep marshmallows from sticking together by adding some powdered sugar to the bag.
  • Swap Hershey’s chocolate with Peppermint Patties for a refreshing twist on the s’more.
  • Remember to leave the campsite and fire ring as clean or cleaner than when you arrived.
        reprinted from http://www.thecampingsource.com
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January Special: All RV units receive 3 extra years of warranty! All vehicles have a 90 day powertrain warranty!

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