2012 Amerilite 239BH
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2014 Travel Lite 960RX
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2013 KZ Sportsmen S270RKSS
Sportsmen S270RKSS
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2014 Travel Lite 960RX
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2013 KZ Spree Escape E14RB
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2013 KZ Sportsmen S242SBHSS
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1998 Coachmen Catalina 320MBS
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Employee pricing is on now. We are clearing out every RV and vehicle on our lot right now. We are making a major purchase and so we are selling off everything. Get in here today. You wont believe the savings!

Our job is to gather all the information required to get you the RV or the vehicle and financing you deserve, and then we go to work for you, Instead of you driving all over town or making dozens of calls. You can relax while we do the work, so your time is well spent. We are committed to finding the right deal for you.

Automotion Motors & RV is extremely pleased to announce that we are British Columbia's newest dealer for KZ RV. This is a major achievement and has been in the works for quite a while. We believe this line will compliment our Lance trailers very well and give customers looking for lightweight trailers a fantastic lineup that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.  To see all of the KZ RVs check out their link at http://www.kz-rv.com/ .If you see the perfect floorplan for you give us a call and we can factory order your new trailer exactly how you would like it! Look for more announcements soon....
Automotion Motors
2- 7225 Dallas Dr.
Kamloops, BC V2C 4S9
(250) 573-0064
Fax: (250) 573-1972
Weekdays: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Clearance RVs and Vehicles

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     The best way to keep black streaks from destroying the look of your camper is to keep the roof clean. 

The roof of your camper doesn't cause the black streaks.  The dirt, bird droppings, leaves and miscellaneous that runs off the roof during light rains and heavy dew causes the black streaks to run down the sides of your camper. Cleaning your roof a minimum of twice a year will go a long way toward keeping those black streaks off.   Dicor (rubber roof manufacturer) recommends a non-abrasive type cleaner such as RC 100TM, Borax or DawnTM and a medium to stiff brush.  DO NOT use cleaners or conditioners containing petroleum solvents, harsh abrasives or Citric based cleaners. You may cause irreparable damage to your roof.  A quick rinse with chlorine bleach may be necessary to kill mildew and retard growth. Caution should be exercised when washing your roof to prevent cleaners from running down the sides since this could cause streaking. Always pre rinse your RV sides before you rinse your roof.  ALSO, remember that your rubber roof is going to be very slick when wet.

To remove black streaks, try WD-40 before you go out and buy something special. You'll have to wash with regular soap and water after using WD-40.  We recommend a product called Blast - great for removing black streaks.  Beware of some black streak products as they may permanently remove the gloss from fiberglass RVs. Always test a small, out-of-the-way place first. Gel Gloss will clean black streaks from most fiberglass.  Some people use common bug and tar remover. Turtle Wax makes one as do lots of other companies. Again try it on a small out-of-the-way place first.  As time consuming as it is, keeping a good coat of wax on your camper will prevent a lot of those black streaks from appearing and make them a lot easier to clean off.

Remember that any cleaner that is left on too long can damage your decals.  Keep that camper rinsed off when cleaning with any product.

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Updated: Tue, 14 May 2013 10:50:44 GMT | By CBC News, cbc.ca

People looking to sell unwanted goods frequently turn to online classified sites. On Canada's self-proclaimed most popular classifieds site, Kijiji, users post new ads every .7 seconds.

Last week, an Ancaster, Ont., man disappeared after taking two men for a test drive in a vehicle he was trying to sell online. On Tuesday, police announced they had found Tim Bosma's burned remains.

- Ontario man disappears after test drive

The case raises concerns about how to stay safe when online transactions must include real-life meetings.

"When you're buying something, selling something, connecting through an e-commerce site, you need to recognize that not communicating with strangers doesn't work," one of the world's experts on digital safety, Parry Aftab, told CBC News.

Though communication is necessary, both buyers and sellers must remember they are dealing with strangers and take precautions for their safety. "It goes both ways," said Aftab. "You are equally at risk."

Milwaukee police have started encouraging sellers to arrange to meet potential buyers at the local police station following a string of robberies, reports the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Sellers and buyers have been both victims and perpetrators in these so-called crimes by appointment.

Joe Couto, the director of government relations and communications for the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, called doing business on the internet the "Wild West." He said the Milwaukee police initiative is "a good idea," but there is no Ontario police service doing something similar.

People should take precautions when selling things online, from the time they create an ad to the final step of accepting payment:

Creating an online advertisement

- Limit the amount of personal information in the ad. Any information posted can be used by others for ulterior motives, according to internet safety site iLookBothWays. Reverse phone number and address directories can provide a wealth of information about the seller.

- Think carefully about whether you should provide a telephone number. There are pros and cons to posting a phone number, said Toronto police Const. Tony Vella, adding he would post his phone number, but not his home address. "You can have a better feel for [a potential buyer] by speaking to the person," he said.

- Stage photos to obscure identifying information. People taking photos of cars for sale in their driveway often unknowingly give away key information such as the house number and licence plate number, points out safety site iLookBothWays.

Communicating with prospective buyers

- Get the buyer's information. If a prospective buyer calls, take down "as much information as you can and that person is willing to give," said Vella, such as: first and last name, contact number, home address and driver's licence number. Tell the buyer you will need a copy of their driver's licence before allowing them to test drive your car.

- Conduct an internet search. "Google it," he said. Before you meet the person, search to see if anything suspicious pops up.

- Arrange a meeting. Agree on a time during reasonable business hours either at home or in a public area, if the item for sale can be moved. For example, a car sale can take place in a public parking lot rather than a home driveway, said Aftab.

Before the meeting

- Keep others in the loop. Let a friend or family member know the details of the meeting, and — if possible — arrange for someone to come with you or be present at home, depending on where the meeting is taking place.

- Try not to let buyers inside your home. If the item for sale is inside the house, move it outside to avoid letting strangers in. If it's a heavy piece that cannot be moved, like a piano, in a closed-off area of the home, such as a basement, Aftab recommends having a second person stay upstairs while the seller and buyer examine the item.

During the meeting

- Take photos. When the potential buyer arrives, snap photos of the person, their licence plate and their car, said Aftab. Then, text message those photos to a friend or family member who knows about the meeting.

- Acquire ID. Ask the person to provide you with a copy of their ID, such as a driver's licence. The ID will not only give police a starting point if something goes wrong, but also "it's a bit of a deterrent for people," said Vella. Someone will be less likely to attempt to steal from you if you can provide police with a positive identification.

- Keep a cellphone turned on and within reach.

- Know your route. If you are taking someone out for a test drive, used car sale site Auto Trader suggests making sure a friend or family member not in the car know the planned route, estimated return time and your cellphone number.

- Keep buyers in sight. If a buyer arrives with an entourage, do not let the people separate, advises safety site iLookBothWays. Scam artists like to split up, with one engaging the seller with questions and the other asking to use the washroom. Once inside the house, the person can perpetrate a theft.

Handling payment

- Visit a bank. If you are accepting cash, do so in your bank so you can deposit the money right away. If you take a cheque, verify it with the bank that issued the cheque, not your bank.

- Wait to transfer ownership. Before transferring vehicle ownership to a buyer, make sure you have received the full agreed-upon payment, warns Auto Trader.

While these precautions are great starting points, Vella stressed the importance of trusting one's instincts.

"If you have an inkling there's something wrong, just stop and contact your local police services," he said, adding it is "not at all" a bother to police who are happy to offer some friendly advice over the phone.

With files from Greg Layson 

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December 10, 2012 -- RV Trader

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you like to explore and experience the wonders of nature. Fortunately, you don't have to camp in a tent to take in the great outdoors. One fun way to explore the world is in a recreational vehicle that gives you the chance to spend all your time in the natural environment you enjoy without giving up the comforts of home.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) range from small camping trailers pulled behind a vehicle to large rolling homes that can pull a small car or boat. They are divided into 2 main categories: towable and motorized. Towable devices include fold-down camping trailers, travel trailers, and fifth wheel trailers. Motorized recreational vehicles can be driven without being towed, and are classified with the designations A, B, or C. With so many options available, you are sure to find something that will be an ideal match for your lifestyle and outdoor interests.

' Fold-down camping trailers let you camp in the ultimate tent. They are usually lightweight and easy to maneuver, so they can be towed behind anything from a large truck to some compact cars. Inside, these campers sleep up to 8 people and have room for cooking and dining. Jayco's Select fold-down is a full-service camping trailer with high walls for extra headroom. Featuring a fully functional kitchen and deluxe furniture, outdoor enthusiasts will love the versatility of this RV. In this trailer, you can be in the middle of nature's wonders, yet still enjoy the comforts of home.

' Towable travel trailers are heavier than fold-downs, so they must be pulled by a truck or SUV with a class 3 or class 4 hitch. They usually sleep up to 8 people, and have kitchen, bath, and dining areas, appliances, and electricity and water hook-ups. Gulfstream's Emerald Bay travel trailer is a 'cottage on wheels'. This RV features spacious floor plans with excellent views of both the great outdoors and the interior's entertainment center throughout the RV. With comfortable selections like under-cabinet lighting and floor-to-ceiling maple or cherry doors and entertainment center options, you will never know you're away from home.

' Outdoor enthusiasts with trucks may want to consider a truck camper. These campers slide on the bed of a truck and are complete with kitchen, dining, and sleeping areas. There's no need to pull anything behind the truck; the camper travels right along with it. No matter where you travel, you'll never be far away from the conveniences of home in Lance's 825 truck camper. This narrow-body truck camper holds a queen size mattress, cushioned dinette, and galley kitchen that will make your outdoor experience the definitive camping excursion.

' The Motorhome Class A includes the most expensive and elaborate RVs on the market. These really are homes on wheels, and are what most people think of when they hear the term RV. Inside these vehicles, like the Gulf Stream Tourmaster, you will find the ultimate in luxury with a complete kitchen, living, sleeping, and bath areas, electronics, and appliances that rival those found in many homes. You won't sacrifice comfort or style in the Tourmaster, which comes complete with ceramic tile, Corian countertops, and hardwood cabinets. This RV can make your outdoor adventures the vacation of your dreams.

' Class B Motorhomes are also called van campers. Built on a full size van chassis, these recreational vehicles are strong enough to even pull behind them a small trailer or boat. These RVs include electric and water hook ups and water storage. You won't sacrifice comfort or space in the Endura. The three-zone floor plan divides the RV into distinct living, dining, and sleeping quarters to ensure your privacy while you're on the road. With its convertible dinette, bunk beds, and cab-over queen bed, sleeping arrangements aren't a problem in the Endura. When not hiking a trail or river rafting, outdoor enthusiasts can stay up to date on the latest news with the entertainment system.

' The hybrid of Class A and Class B is the Class C Motorhome. These motorhomes are vans with attached cab sections, which allow extra sleeping space above the cab. Inside these RVs you will find kitchen, dining, and bath areas. The Vista Cruiser Mini sports a spacious slide out room, full galley kitchen, and extra headroom above the beds for added comfort. It is a fully-equipped, easy to drive RV with modern styling features like Euro-style cabinets, large picture windows, and color-coordinated furniture. You can take all the conveniences of home right with you to the woods.

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January Special: All RV units receive 3 extra years of warranty! All vehicles have a 90 day powertrain warranty!

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